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Design With Chon (DWC) – a boutique design studio with defined niches in (1) visual communication, (2) event design and (3) interiors. Each of these industries are huge in themselves, but DWC’s goal is to achieve good design in all its various forms, whether it’s from the branding of your business to saying “I do” to transforming interiors. Let me, “Chon," be your personal design consultant + stylist for your business, wedding or home. A balanced environment makes you feel good, and I am here to inspire your surroundings.

Friday, July 31, 2009

An Obsession of Mine – Jewelry

If you guys haven't noticed yet, but I do have an obsession for jewelry. If I had all the money in the world, I think I would have an enormous jewelry collection. And you may have noticed, I post quite a few things from Anthropologie – another obsession. :)

Anthropologie has an exceptional selection of jewelry. When ever I am on their site, I always go to the necklace and earring category. With their accessories, you only need to wear one item, and it makes a grand statement. The chunky necklace, or the oversized earrings with a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans, I think is just classy and not over the top. JCrew is notorious for that style as seen above; casual attire and fun jewelry.

{Images from}

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decorative Area Rugs - Part II

This post is a follow-up to the previous one on area rugs. I wanted to show some "good" examples of bold, fun area rugs that work in living quarters. Some are more subtle where they just perfectly meld into the environment, and there are others that just "pop" and make a sophisticated, design statement.

Rugs, aside from being pretty, they are very functional and serve a real purpose. They help to divide off open living area spaces and define seating areas. And we can't forget, they are soft and plush which naturally warms up spaces especially if they are on hardwood surfaces. I mean, who wouldn't want something soft underneath their feet in the dead of winter?

I am really attracted to the decor below. The rug is bold and chic against the neutral environment. Everything pulls all together very well. Good design for sure! And I love the eclectic mix of furniture where it's not "cookie cutter" from one specific retail location.

Decorative Area Rugs - Part I

Sometimes, I think area rugs are an afterthought. Have you ever been in the situation where you try to find the area rug that fits your living or dining area? And it's the hardest thing to find. Why not start out with the rug first and let the rest of the room follow or inspire the remaining design of the room.

These particular rugs that I have selected below have either green, blue or neutral gray tones that I am seeking for someone personally. I want texture and interest for the living room rug which will add a nice visual layer as we build the other decor elements in the room. These rugs featured are some of my favorites that I have chosen from

The rug set below has a very Appalachian, topographical map feel which is very intriguing and abstract at the same time.

After looking at all these rugs, I am even thinking of replacing my current living room rug. Some of these rugs would look really nice in our space. :)

{Images from}

Monday, July 27, 2009

Graphic Cocktail Dresses

I was talking with a friend over the weekend and we were just saying how much we love Anthropologie's dresses. Here are some of my fun, flirty picks. I love the graphic bold prints, but it's also nice to have a simple understated dress, too, depending on your mood.

Wear one of these dresses to your wedding shower, and you'll be sure to be the center of attention.

{Images from}

The Lights Do Make a Difference

I am starting to do some research for a home decor makeover for a friend, and I am on the hunt for some cool lighting fixtures. The ones featured below are from a variety of sources: Restoration Hardware, Moura Starr and Elk lights.

They are seeking a contemporary sophisticated mood for their place, and I think all of these fall into that category. It all depends on personal taste at this point. I am really digging the textural pendant lamp featured on the 1st board in the top left.

Looking at these fixture makes me want to redo my home! At least I can have fun decorating other people's homes. I can't wait to see what the final product will be for their dining area... :)

A Lovely Surprise from My Husband

I came home to a great surprise today from my hubbie. He got me a necklace that I posted about awhile ago. It's the Blue Agate necklace from Stone & Honey. I just love it! And this means I need to do more posts on jewelry so he can buy me more surprise gifts. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inspiration Board #2: Emerald Green, White and Grey

I had an itch for a summer, emerald green color palette after I saw the Carolina Herrera's white gown called "Constance". The dramatic, wavy ruffles on the dress reminded me of the Peony's chunky white petals (on the second board, lower-right corner). Then I saw the dark green stem against the white Peony and came up with the perfect color combo – green, white and a soft grey. It's a nice combination for a spring wedding – fresh, crisp and clean.

I always love a nice, tailored grey suit with a nice tie, like the one above in green for the groom and his groomsmen. And for the reception table decor, only use fresh live plants like green grass, moss, herbs and even live plant terrariums.

You can easily create your own centerpieces too, similar to VivaTerra's decorative plant gardens. I want them all even for my house. :)

{Above image from}

Brocade Me Up, Please

These days you don't see too many people wear, or furnish their homes with the brocade pattern. One may think it's dated, or for the older generation – I think not. Yes, the brocade design has gone in and out of style for fashion and home decor, but in my eyes, I think it will always be a timeless pattern that never goes out of style. All I know is when I see a woman with a brocade jacket, dress, or pencil length skirt walking in the city streets, my eyes can't help but follow. The richly, woven fabric exudes a regal status, and it always catches my attention.

Traditionally, brocade patterns display a selection of flowers, plants and other natural images.
Let's see how they are beautifully used in these dresses. Certainly, I wouldn't mind wearing one of these dresses at a wedding function with either gold or silver pumps.

Charcoal Metallic Leaf Motif Dress and Silver Brocade Pleat Neck Dress by Vera Wang

And the Rose Brocade gown is just stunning. It would look so good with a red flower in the hair and gold chandelier earrings. Rosewood Rose Brocade Strapless Gown by Amsale

{Images from}

Now for home decor. I am just going ga-ga for Brocade Home. I am in love with all their brocade products from wallpaper to the architectural furniture details. Even with their minimal color palettes, every room feels high-end, and I love it! It makes me want to re-do my master bedroom. If only my home were bigger with a few more rooms to decorate. :)

{Images from}

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gotta Have One Unique Chair!

I have been looking for dining chairs, side chairs and wing chairs for a while now for our place. And here are a few of my faves that I have spotted along the way. These chairs are all from They have a huge selection of fun, retro pieces along with your more traditional styles.

You may think these chair picks may look odd in your place, but sometimes that one unique chair will be the fashion statement or art piece to your room. I am looking into the #1 Madeira, or the #5 Kennedy chair for wing chairs next to my living room couch. I already have the #4 White Ergonomic chair for my dining, and I am a huge fan of its design and shape.

What are your faves?

  1. Madeira Lounge Chair
  2. Leatherette Woven Back Chair
  3. Rowena Chrome Chair
  4. White Ergonomic Chair
  5. Kennedy Arm Chair
  6. Escapade Stacking Chair

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Dining Room – Before & After

A break from wedding stuff today. It's all about home decor. I finally got my new dining chairs so our dining room is practically complete, aside from the lack of wall art. To see the huge transformation, here are the BEFORE pics of the dining room from the previous owners – very traditional.

And the AFTER pics with all new paint, lighting fixture, drapery and furniture. It looks like a totally different room. I wanted a chic dining room with some drama. The drama comes from the bold, dark teal blue wall paint and the heavy, grey velvet drapes that hang from the ceiling to the floor. The chicness is brought out by the clean, graphic white & metal elements such as the hanging lamp fixture and the dining chairs.

I love my new retro dining chairs! I have been eyeing these forever. I just had to convince my hubbie that they would look great with the ebony-stained bamboo dining table. He's not all about the mix'n matching thing. And I can't stand the whole cookie cutter look where everything looks the same. Well it turns out, after I said trust me on this, he really likes the end product after all. I have to say it, the woman was right. ;)

  1. Kyoto Kona Dining Table (seats up to 10 w/leaf) - Crate & Barrel
  2. Ventura Hanging Lamp - ZGallerie
  3. White Side Chairs - Chairs 1000
  4. Grey Velvet Curtains - Anthropologie
  5. Metallic Herringbone Place Mats - Crate & Barrel
  6. Anya Candleholders - Crate & Barrel
  7. White Ribbed Vases - Michaels
  8. White Bud Vases (Discontinued) - Pier 1 Imports
  9. Paint #6503 Bosporus - Sherwin Williams Paints

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration Board #1: Black & White Romance

This is the first inspiration board for this blog. How exciting! Well for me it is. What inspired me to produce this specific look and feel came from a set of J.Crew necklaces. It's featured in the 2nd board on the black sweep. Like usual, I fall in love with jewelry; but this time it was for the layered baguette crystal and pearl strands.

The style and mood that seemed to emanate from the necklace was something romantic, modern & European. For the color palette, I went with classical, soft pinkish hues to soften the strong black and white tones. Delicate fabrics like the lace featured on the Vera Wang bridal gown below certainly plays up the romance factor. The bedroom, to the right, totally complements the mood that I am going for.

The perfect flowers to accompany this decor are the white & pink anemones. The soft, frilly petals contrast its dark, graphic center. If you want some matching glitz for the reception tables, check out some of ZGallerie's tabletop accessories like the jeweled tealight holder seen below.

Something Pretty for your Neck

Look at these natural stone necklaces – they are just stunning! It's all from Stone & Honey. I especially have a crush on the Blue Agate necklace in gold below. But I can certainly live with the second one; the translucent layered Amethyst slice. The layers within each piece are soooo beautiful. I have to get one!

{Images from ©2009 Stone & Honey}

Make a Hair Statement – Part II

Here's another good vendor for hair accessories, Handle & Spout. These fabric, petal flowers look so nice bunched up all together in a simple, pulled back hairstyle. However, these ones don't look real as the previous post from Mikiye Creations. But they do have a nice texture and look to them which I think is quite attractive.

Handle & Spout provide a wide range of colors, and they easily go into your hair since they are attached with a bobby pin. These would be perfect for the girls in your bridal party especially if you want to accent a specific color! Check their site out, and you will see they do custom orders to fit your needs. Also, couldn't you see these petal florals in your flower girl. How cute would that be.

Another hair accessory they carry are leather, braided hair bands – very chic. It would be the perfect finishing touch for the Bohemian bride look. And don't forget the mix 'n match gold bangles and the "Roman" style strappy sandals that are in season right now!

{Hair accessory images from ©2009 Handle & Spout}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make a Hair Statement – Part I

Who doesn't love chunky flowers in their hair? I know I do. For my wedding day, I had two big bright yellow roses in my tusseled, bun-like hairstyle. Don't they look real? Everyone thought so. Well, they aren't.

I wanted real flowers in my hair, but I didn't want to them to fall out, wilt or die by the end of the night. For my solution, I bought these two artificial-looking roses. They looked and felt pretty real too. I actually bought them in white and dyed them yellow myself. I wouldn't recommend you doing this yourself unless you know what you are doing. The glue that holds the petals together comes apart in the hot, boiling water. I had to do a little touch up work with the handy hot glue gun. ;)

If interested in these fantastic florals, they are on and are being sold by Mikiye Creations. I highly recommend her product! The flowers are pretty, darn realistic.

{Images from ©2009 Mikiye Creations}

Featured Wedding: Ronak & Prexa (Part III)

And this is the last of the Ronak & Prexa posts. It's their lovely reception in fabulous, deep hues of pink and purple. I apologize for the lack of photos of the bride and groom. I forgot my camera, and I had to borrow these pics from Hemal's cousin, Biraju.

Look, it's one of our very first photos as a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hemal Patel.

(The cousins group shot. Left to right: Hemal, Biraju, Nirmal and Serju)

And let's not forget the special dance performed by Megha, Sandip and friends. It was certainly a festive and fun night.

(The wives. Left picture: Nisha, Pooja and I. Father daughter dance. Right picture: Prexa, and her dad, Jayendra)

Last, but not least, the newlyweds enjoying their first dance to Brian McKnight's "Back at one". Congratulations to you both. Your wedding was gorgeous and so are you guys! Enjoy the married life. I think it's bliss. :)