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Design With Chon (DWC) – a boutique design studio with defined niches in (1) visual communication, (2) event design and (3) interiors. Each of these industries are huge in themselves, but DWC’s goal is to achieve good design in all its various forms, whether it’s from the branding of your business to saying “I do” to transforming interiors. Let me, “Chon," be your personal design consultant + stylist for your business, wedding or home. A balanced environment makes you feel good, and I am here to inspire your surroundings.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inspiration Board #3: A Modern, Vintage Mexico Wedding

I am working on an RSVP card for my client and before I start the design, I wanted to do a mood board for her wedding in Guadalajara, Mexico. By doing one, it helps me visualize a design direction for her RSVP, and it also helps the client view a bigger, cohesive picture that I am hoping to go for in my designs. Some basic mandatories in my chats with the Maria, the client, is that she wanted elements of an old-world Mexican feel. For her wedding favors, she already planned and wanted to do little Tequila bottles tied with a green ribbon. And one last thing, she wanted hints of purple, but not as a dominant color.

And here is what I came with:
The color palette is sort of complex. I originally had like 3 colors, but I felt I had to expand it to 5 in order to balance the bright, modern colors of the deep plum and the greens with the hues of an old-world map – a buttery, creamy beige and brown.

I call this inspiration board a Modern, Vintage Mexico, because I have elements of old traditions such as the lace on her veil, the church, the vintage map, gold jewelry, silver table decor and the use of old-world typography. The modern aspect comes from the use of nontraditional things for the wedding decor. I am embracing local plants to Mexico like succulents that can be used in the bridal bouquet, boutonniere, table centerpieces and on the wedding cake too. And throughout the board, you can see that "modern pop of color", the deep plum, as an accent color – in her bouquet with the orchids, her oh-so-chic pumps, and hints of it in individual succulent plants.

I had so much fun working on these boards, and now I need to get started on the RSVP card and make it come to life! Stay tuned for the design. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Carol Hannah from Project Runway

If any of you watched the latest season of Project Runway now on Lifetime Network, you all would know Carol Hannah. She wasn't the season winner, but she was one of the top 3 designers. Anyway, I loved her work on the show, and I love her work now still. Well, she has opened her own Wedding Collection line on that features bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

One thing about her designs is that she knows how to design for the woman's curves that is very flattering and her draping skills are phenomenal. I especially love the bridal gown featured here.

She does have a main site,, featuring all her collections, and she has a shop for everyday wear here.

Awesome dresses for Bridemaids, or just to Wear!

Okay – just how hot are these dresses to wear for a special evening out, or for your future bridesmaids! I was browsing on one of my standard blogs that I follow, Junebug Weddings Blog, and I just them, and I had to blog about it myself since I think they are wonderful designs that are timeless. And any bridesmaid would probably want to wear this even after the wedding day. These are not the wear-once-only-dress. The designer is SarahSeven on She does custom orders to fit your needs.

{Images from sarahseven on}

Anthropologie Glitz for the Holidays

I am always impressed by Anthropologie's clothes & accessories, but their attention to other unique details in the home are impressive too. It's a bad, bad thing if I go into their stores. I come out with way more than I ever need. :)

Check out some of the cool finds below that could be perfect for a stocking stuffer, or a special someone for the holidays.

{Images from}

A month behind...

A month behind posting... and as promised an update on my home office. The desk did arrive, and I have been sitting in it practically 3 weeks straight. Horribly busy with clients and projects which is a real good thing. Not sure if many of you know but I sit on one of those exercise balls. This was also my former office chair at my old agency. I took it home with me. I can't sit on anything else. It's perfect for my posture, and I can do some ab exercises in between projects. :)