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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anthropologie Makes My Day

I truly get excited when I see a new Anthropologie catalog in the mail. First of all, I love their dresses and especially their jewelry. But what sets it over the top for me is their unique and fun approach to displaying their models in various themed settings and their jewelry, too! Coming from an advertising/art direction background, I appreciate their artistic set-ups and attention to detail as seen in these photos. Each illustrative photo brings each jewelry piece to life and it makes me want to wear them all. I am really digging the blue, floral cuff. Hmmm...shall I buy it today or wait... :)

{Images are from}

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Photography: Chennergy

Today, I am sharing with you all a new photographer that I came across. I am currently working on an Indian wedding coffee table book and thought this post seemed fitting for the day.

Good photography is my #1 weakness, and I would pay more for the photography than I would on my wedding dress... and I did. If you're going to splurge on one thing for your day, go with a darn good photographer. Like they always say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Chennergy is made of 4 photographers – Dan, David, Sarah and Lauren, and the work speaks for itself. I can easily write several long paragraphs saying why I love their work, but I will let the photos below do all the talking.

{Images are from}

Each and every photo melted my heart; that's why I couldn't narrow all the pics down and ended up posting tons! Not every photographer can really capture those intimate moments on film like they did. Looking at these makes me want to get married again, and again, and I would be dead broke. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspiration Board #4: Boldly Turquoise!

This wedding inspiration board was inspired by Pantone's 2010 color of the year – Turquoise. See previous post for Pantone's press release.

If you can't have a destination wedding on the beach with the ocean as your gorgeous backdrop, bring the ocean to you. Be bold! and wash everything in shades of the ocean for your wedding and reception. Surround your whole reception venue with strong, accessory lighting to create the effect that you are surrounded by the cool, ocean water.

I have the perfect wedding invitation design that will go perfectly with the look of this mood board. I am envisioning a very artistic treatment of waves, very graphic, on the cover, and the initials of the bride and groom are perfectly embedded into the design. If you like what you see and hear, email me for custom invitation designs. I am here to help in anyway to make your day come to life. :)

2010 Color Trend: Pantone 15-5519 Turquoise

I loooove the new color for the year! Last year was yellow and I was on trend with it for my wedding colors. And this year, it's Turquoise, and my home is on trend with it too! I do prefer the deeper Turquoise, however. Not surprisingly, I have to say I do have some Turquoise in my wardrobe too, and I can't get enough of it. The color reminds me of the tropical ocean with its blue-green qualities, and it's where I have always longed to be and live. The color couldn't have been described better than Pantone's press release, "Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well-being." To read the full article, click here.

I am already starting to see the Turquoise color being used in interior spaces; like the one below. I spotted this article on Apartment Therapy, and I had to re-post it since I love the color and the chairs too! I want to buy them for my breakfast table, but I will get a hold of myself and not do it since I already have decent chairs that aren't even a year old yet.

I have always admired the simple Danish style Wishbone chair designed by Hans J. Wegner, but I have now fallen head over heels for them with their new, fun shades. Carl Hansen & Son will be producing and releasing these new colors in May. Each chair will be $930 each.

Good Light makes Good Photography

Good use of light makes good photography. These images featured obviously highlight wedding moments, but this rule applies to all areas of photography – from fashion to journalism to everyday snapshots. Also, good light combined with great composition makes a killer photo.

I just love the feel of these natural backlit shots of individuals near a window or doorway. They feel ethereal with the use of select focus with the camera lens.

{Top image - Unknown. Bottom image - Jessica Johnston.}

The image below, along with the last one, was shot by my photographer, Marcin Harla, on our wedding day. He knew how to use and manipulate the light source to create beautiful photography. Jessica Johnston is another photographer favorite that utilizes light well.

{Top image - Marcin Harla. Bottom image - Unknown.}

Natural light is ideal for photography, but when the sun sets, or if you are indoors with lack of outside light, what makes a good photographer is his understanding of artificial light. That is a huge factor when you are searching for any photographer for your special event or personal use.

{Top image - Jessica Johnston. Bottom image - Marcin Harla.}

Jennifer Behr – Hair Accessories to Die For

Time to get back into posts related to wedding! I have been doing home decor blog posts lately since that's been my life for the past month as I added new things to our place. But it's time to phase out of that for a bit and get ready for the 2010 wedding season. Spring is near and let's see what's out there for all you future brides, or family members who can help with a future bride.

Jennifer Behr is out with her new 2010 Spring Collection, and they are just to die for! One of my favorites is this crystal, encrusted branch-like design seen right below. I think this would go perfect with several Reem Acra bridal gowns. The one featured here that I love which looks Greek-inspired with the ruching and flowing fabric is from her 2009 collection.

The designs are just a hint of Jennifer Behr's collection. Visit her website and see all the great looks that she has to offer. All her designs make a very chic, romantic and couture statement that will photograph stunningly in your wedding pictures. Her designs are carefully constructed and she uses a variety of materials from sparkling crystals, feathers, pearls and silk organza flowers. Who doesn't love these? :)

Another bridal gown designer, Monique Lhuillier, her designs would also be equally stunning with Jennifer's accessories. The simple, understated wedding dress on the left would look beautiful with the silk organza flower above. And the ethereal, arched feather design would complete the 2010 Spring bridal gown on the right.

{Bridal images from}

{Hair accessory images from}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TJ Maxx Home Goods - the Best Finds Ever!

I was walking through TJ Maxx Home Goods last week just to quickly buy a lamp for my master bedroom nightstand, and I happened to spot a chair that was practically identical to a chair at Crate and Barrel that I had on my wishlist to buy for my master bedroom.

Directly below is the Ankara Chair from Crate and Barrel and following that is the chair that I found at TJ Maxx Home Goods. They are a pretty close match other than the upholstered fabric on the seat cushion, the base that holds the cushion up is a different material, and the back legs lean out slightly. But other than that, at first glance, you would think it's the exact same chair other than the price difference! The Ankara Chair from Crate and Barrel is decently priced at $699 and the TJ Maxx look-alike was a steal for $299. ;)

Since I was so excited to discover my Ankara look-alike chair, I went hunting for more good finds. And that's when I came across this classic, off-white leather wing chair in a black wood framed structure on sale for $199 from $250.00 which is still low in cost. A chair like this would normally retail between $700.00 - 1000.00 at regular marked-up home stores. I knew it was a steal so I had to get it; plus I did needed it for my main living room, and my husband always wanted a leather chair. It satisfied both of our needs.

Of course, I didn't stop there. Ha. :) I continued on and right next to the off-white leather chair was this 2-drawer solid wood filing cabinet also on sale for $150.00 from $199. We needed one for the newly renovated home office. Notice the bright orange table lamp, well that's also from TJ Maxx Home Goods. They have a very good collection of designer lamps.

So my advice for everyone is to walk into your local TJ Maxx Home Goods store every so often, because you will never know what you will find. Sometimes you don't need to buy those high-priced pieces from the marked-up home retail stores. You will probably find something equally the same, or even better for half the costs. I am living proof of it! You just need to be patient and take the time to do so. Good luck with your finds, and send me pics if you have discovered something that you love!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Guest Bedroom with a Splash

A splash of bright red-orange! You can't miss it. I found these bright red-orange drapes from Ikea, and that's what inspired this room. I made sure to balance everything else in the room to not visually fight with the bold curtains. Neutral color and textures were added to the environment to increase the level of sophistication of the room.

Previous owners – guest bedroom:
Our home today! – guest bedroom:
And of course, I included a very unique side table/nightstand that matched the drapes exactly; thanks to CB2. The mix-n-match pillows and the duvet are from West Elm. They always have great textile patterns.

Distinctive Side Tables/Nightstands for your Space

Like I have mentioned several times before, I say Mix-It-Up. It's fun to add unique furniture into any space. It livens up a space, and it can be a conversation starter since they can be seen as art, too.

These are a few round side tables and/or nightstands that I have come to adore in my search for a nightstand for my master bedroom. Obviously, I ended up with the silver Marie side table (priced under $200) from Chiasso; featured directly below (also available in black, on sale for $138).

Cb2: Twiggy and Paper Clip side table
The Twiggy side table is priced under $100 and the Paper Clip is just below $200.

Overstock: Wenge Wood Top and Stainless Steel side table
Wenge is priced at $83 and the Staineless Steel accent table is $125.

Urban Outfitters: Metal Accordian side table.
A steal for for $60. I have it as a side table next to my couch in the living area.

Brocade Home: Metal Pedestal table (priced at $349)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Birds in the Master Boudoir

The previous post, "The Bird Craze", was truly inspired by the decor in our master bedroom. Birds are on my bed and dresser and soon to be on my walls. I am currently looking for vintage bird art too!

For our master bedroom, I kept the overall palette pretty neutral with shades of gray, white and brown. I did this because I really wanted my accent color "yellow" to really pop in the environment. Also for our bedroom, I wanted a very clean, airy feeling that didn't feel like a typical bedroom. I wanted the look to lean more on a posh, eclectic hotel so we always felt like we were on a vacation.

Previous owners – master bedroom:
Our home today! – master bedroom:
The airiness in the room was achieved by accentuating the height of the bedroom with long, dramatic, dark drapes hung practically from the ceiling to floor. And the overall room carried a very light palette from the light gray walls to the white linens, dresser and accessories which added to the clean, open feeling.

If you guys haven't noticed by now, I'm all about Mix'n Matching furniture and materials. I prefer not to have identical night stands. It adds more character and charm if you switch it up. I got the matching walnut nightstand that came with the Anders bed frame from Room and Board, but I have chosen to go with a more unique round, silver nightstand/side table from Chiasso. The set of two low, white dressers, frames and standing lamp are from CB2. The linens and pillow covers are from West Elm.

One more thing that I like to do is incorporate a hodgepodge of unique items that I loved into an original display like I did here on the dresser. I selected these items to go together, because of their range in height and their similarity in color – white and yellow accents.