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Design With Chon (DWC) – a boutique design studio with defined niches in (1) visual communication, (2) event design and (3) interiors. Each of these industries are huge in themselves, but DWC’s goal is to achieve good design in all its various forms, whether it’s from the branding of your business to saying “I do” to transforming interiors. Let me, “Chon," be your personal design consultant + stylist for your business, wedding or home. A balanced environment makes you feel good, and I am here to inspire your surroundings.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Featured Photography: Brandon Scott

It's Friday, and it's really nice out! So let's have a look at a sunny, warm, surfside engagement shoot from Brandon Scott Photography. Behind this awesome shoot and great work in general is a husband and wife team located in the Windsor, Ontario area. For those in the Midwest and getting married, they aren't too far to book for your wedding! Have a look at their website and blog which shows their latest work. Oh how I long for the beach after looking at these images. At least, I will be in Miami in about 2 weeks for a girls trip! Enjoy your Friday everyone. :)

{Photography via}

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Design w/Chon: My Travelscape Luggage Tag

My latest project that has been completed – My Travelscape luggage tags! Nisha, my travel agent client, wanted branded luggage tags to hand out to her clients as a complimentary gift for working with her. She wanted it to standout, be different, and catch the visual eye without breaking the bank. A lot of research was done before we settled with these spectacular Linticular luggage tags. I looked into printing and engraving her logo onto metal, and even custom dyeing leather tags to match her brand color. Those routes obviously got too expensive although the end product would've looked magnificent. We didn't want to compromise product for the price. Then I remembered about this very cool printing technique called Linticular from my agency days, and I knew this was the perfect route for the product she sought.

Lenticular plays with the illusion of depth. When viewed from different angles, you can see the animation, or motion-like effect between two images, or more! For My Travelscape, we only used two images – logo/website info and her fun, travel pattern. The end product is effective visually, and it's functional. I will certainly be using this luggage tag on my next trip!

When you book your next trip locally or internationally, think of My Travelscape, and Nisha will personally do all the leg work and research for your next destination at no extra cost to you! That's what travel agents are for — to make your life easier. And look forward to your very own My Travelscape luggage tag designed by Chon. You can get a hold of Nisha directly via – "Your customized escape to the world."

{Identity & Luggage Tag designed by Chon}

My Affair for Wallpaper, Part II – Top Picks!

Part II of my Top Picks for the wallpaper round up! There's tons to see, lots of links, and I hope it will be resourceful to you all as you decorate. If you are not sure what to do, what to pick, or have questions, I can always give you some quick pointers. I am only an email away. ;)

Or if you want the Design With Chon touch, I can always pull a moodboard tailored to your taste with a defined color palette and key accessories to help you set the tone for your personal space. Email me to inquire for this specific service. Click here to see the list of all my capabilities and services. Otherwise have fun browsing for your next wallpaper!

Marcel Wander from Graham & Brown
I have shared Graham & Brown once before, and they still have a good designs. I enjoy the repetitive brocade medallion-like patterns seen in these ultra crazy interior room shots.

Metallic Paper & Knotted Grasscloth from Creative Wallcoverings
Grasscloth wallpaper is very cool in person. Besides seeing the texture, you can touch it and feel it too. It's truly woven together and looks beautiful in practically any home. It's a good neutral wallpaper that can easily fill tons of walls without over powering visually, and I think it adds an extra layer of warmth to a room.

Walnut Wallpaper
Features a variety of wallpaper designs for any type of look and feel for your home. Browse in their image gallery and get inspired!

Flavor Paper
Lots of funky designs that will make a statement in your space. Looking for vintage, contemporary or designs with a metallic sheen, they have it all.

These designs are certainly the cream of the crop! I would love to work with everyone one of these designs and create the look for a whole room or even a home. Sophisticated, chic patterns to the graphic animal prints. I could see the geometric horse design in an office/library environment. They have sooo much to choose from.

These wallpaper designs capture wonderful moments caught in time — the flutter of thousands of butterflies, or a flocks of birds going in for a feeding. The butterfly design would be fun and energetic for a little girl's room. Trove has a great selection of design from nature to the abstract.

Concrete Wall
For those of you who like the exposed, industrial vibe of city living, and you don't have any concrete to expose in your home, this is the perfect wallpaper for you! This faux concrete finishes are truly beautiful which is an oxymoron considering these walls look unfinished.

Handpainted wallpaper from Fromental
Their mission is to create the most beautiful designs in the world, and I have to agree with them. Each one of them are wonderfully fantastic. I love all the Chinoiserie-inspired designs.

My Affair for Wallpaper, Part I – Top Picks!

My affair and longing for wallpaper designs has surprisingly existed since my childhood. When people thought wallpaper was tacky, I have always had my eye on a few great prints. My attraction for wallpaper and interior decor was due to my grandmother's good taste. I know this isn't the norm; most people aren't usually too keen on a grandparent's taste in home decor. This post is dedicated to my grandmother. She is still alive, in her mid 90's, and still gives design advice to her grandchildren. How awesome is that?!

Today's wallpaper designs have become ever-so-popular, and there is so much more variety out there. I have gathered up all of my fave designs along with links to their original source so you can see how much wallpaper design has evolved from the standard floral print. This is only Part I of "Wallpaper Top Picks" since there is sooo much to share!

Aimee Wilder
She has some very unique, fun prints that would look great for a boy's room.

Cotton Tree by Miss Print
Graphic interpretation of a cotton tree. The snapdragon red color is super bold and would look great in a half bathroom with some black gallery style frames!

Mirabel by Romo
Illustrative design of the Lotus flower's leaf. Great movement and eye catching.

Marenka by Romo
Geometry design with a punch. Feminine and chic. Fancy up your walk-in closet, or splash up a long hallway with this pattern.

Kimura by Romo
The masculine stripes with some subtle texture. Clean and strong for any modern home.

Oh Joy! for Hygge & West
Her background is in graphic design which I can definitely see in these patterns. Lovely designs in simple hues of gray and white.

Julia Rothman for Hygge & West
Her designs are very bold and have a whimsical nature. The bird and abstract clouds are so fun.

Comes in four shades, and for a stunning three-dimensional effect, there are stick on sets of pearlescent wings available.