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Monday, September 19, 2011

DWC Work: Good Infographics

It's Monday + back to work! Here's another long over due post for "Monday Means Business". This is going to be a short little informative post since I have tons of work to do today and one project that I am working on as we speak is a pretty complex infographic timeline for my client, Redbox. I'll share the timeline once it's complete and live. However, there is one illustrative chart design for Redbox that is currently running on their website called Share Your Love that anyone can participate in. Participants have a chance of winning a Sony Home Theater Package! Visit to learn more.

In this promotion, I created a simple 1-2-3 step by step process in what a participant has to do to enter the contest. It was a fun, simple project, and I like the fact I could explore my illustrative skills in Adobe Illustrator. I love the personality that I was able to give the female character without defining a lot of the details on the face and body.

Share Your Love – Infographic

[Infographic Illustration ©2011 Design With Chon]

And now back to today's topic — Good Infographics. In case you're not sure what an infographic is, here it is as defined by Wikipedia. "Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge."

Today, I want to expand on the great possibilities with infographics especially for businesses or nonprofits that need help explaining a complex service or point of view. Visual icons like the samples shown below say a lot with very few words, and the average viewer is visually able to understand your point. Like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words". And when you use these infographics in your printed brochure or digitally in combination with animation on your website, it will keep your audience's attention longer, and they will be more intrigued to learn more about your company's purpose.

All of the infographic charts shown below are from the GOOD website, and they are only a highlight. Do explore the site and see the endless possibilities in telling a story through visual icons. The work shown on their site are really well thought out, and they are sure to be some of the best infographics out there. I visit their site periodically to gain inspiration on how to push the envelope in graphic structure + layout.

One last point, infographics can be simple or complex as the one's featured, but they need to make some sort of logical sense if you are going to request a designer to customize one for your business. Infographics aren't a quick to turnaround project; they do take time, and visually everything needs to work together. Like any design project, it's a balancing act of visuals and type, and it needs to be clearly structured to the viewer to absorb the information at hand.

If used smartly for a corporate company like a law or tax firm's website that lack good photos or visual content, an animated infographic would be a good way to spice it up and explain some insightful point of view/knowledge to your potential new clients. Your website will surely not be forgetful compared to your competitors humdrum sites.

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